At-line Lab device

The NIR868 Sensor is MoistTech’s
at-line moisture sensor with a large or small rotating sampling dish for the fast moisture analysis of raw and non- homogenous materials. The precision filters and algorithms have been built into the sensor to optimize performance under
the demanding conditions in the manufacturing industry.
The NIR868 incorporates well-proven optics and electronics providing high accuracy, and resolution of any similar technology gauge. This device have a high degree of performance, stability and reliability,  is maintainance free. The 868 Sensor is the answer to controlling moisture in your product.


The 868 Sensor have a removable rotating sampling dish, available in a variety of sizes. We archieve  rapid moisture determination of non-homogeneous products and raw materials. Due to the large sample size, the 868 has greater accuracy of other laboratory NIR sensor on the market within.01% and as fast as 3 seconds.

With the 868 Sensor you will dramatically improve product
quality, providing both energy savings and potential increased
productivity with lower material losses. Additionally, it has
a one-time calibration, maintenance free, drift free optical
design that allows operating personnel to confidently
make immediate process adjustments based on real-time

 Management Software

Every sensor will be provided with the user friendly NIR3000- windows software.
The software is used to perform the best calibration and configuration. The software can be easy installed on every PC. With this software you can set-up 50 different product codes, define gauge and measurement parameters, data logging and monitoring of diagnostics.
A major advantage is that we save the configuration on the sensor and on the pc. No chance that the configurations will be lost.

NIR868 Locations 

The NIR868 moisture lab device is most of the time placed in the lab or near by the place of sampling in the line.

In this way you have in a few second the results of your sample. This allows you to react very fast when the moisture content in out of specification.

NIR3000 Communications

Communication to the sensor can be via laptop or computer, PC based touch screen operator interface, plant wide network by RS232/422/485 and ethernet TCP/IP. The sensor includes standard 3 x analog outputs 4-20mA isolated, self-powered.
New protocols are continually being developed to keep up with the ever changing process environment in which they operate.

How does NIR Work ?

All molecular bonds absorb specific wavelengths
of light. Hydrogen bonds including O-H (water);
C-H (hydrocarbon) and N-H (ammonia) all absorb
strongly in the NIR spectral region. The amount of NIR
energy reflected at a given wavelength is inversely
proportional to the quantity of absorbing molecules
in a product.
The NIR technique is a non-destructive, noncontacting
measurement. MoistTech’s sensor utilizes
multiple wavelengths of NIR light, projected onto the
product at a very high repetition rate. The reflected
light is then measured using a digitally enhanced
detection system and thousands of data points are
sampled every second.

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