Weighing & Inspection Benelux and Moisttech ™ are very familiar with the wood sector. Together, we’ve been a global leader in process solutions and moisture measurement systems for wood over 30 years..

Weighing & Inspection has expanded its product line moisture measurement in wood. With the NIR3000W you increase the efficiency and you can monitor real-time moisture content from the incoming products, during process untill the end product. Our know-how, as well as our longevity and experience, allow us to fully understand the needs of the wood industry.

Thanks to our partnership with MoistTech ™ we can offer you everything you need to measure your actual moisture content.By knowing the moisture content wood product manufacturers can adjust lowering raw material and fuel costs, higher yields, and more uniform products. Moisture control will become even more vital as factory’s begin to expand their production to include niche products and processing requirements become more stringent.

Wood Product Dryer Measurement

Drying of wood is one of the most expensive and important phases of hardwood processing to help improve quality and lower dryer costs. Incoming wood moisture measurement together with feed rate can prevent overloading the dryer. Factories that use NIR for moisture measurement and control benefit from a reduction in fuel consumption and maximization of energy efficiency by reducing CO2 emissions during drying. Additional is is also important reducing “dusting” that occurs when heat is too high and moisture is too low resulting in product loss.

Measurement of moisture in the material at the exit ensures that material going to the blender is at the optimum moisture content for resin addition.
Moisture measurement at the exit of the dryer can save significant amount of fuel and more importantly it can prevent fires or explosion risk. Trend analysis can used to give operator knowledge of problems before they happen.

Application examples in the wood industry

Controlling the incoming product of suppliers

High moisture content incoming wood has a much lower net energy density by mass, owing to the weight of the water, but also by volume owing to the energy required to evaporate the water. This means that transport is less efficient as a significant proportion of the load is water.

You don’t want to pay for water.

Wood Product Veneer

Moisture content of wood affects many wood properties such as strength, drying, glue curing and bond performance. Moisture measurement is an important part of process control during veneer production in order to keep pace with the flow of materials. With MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors real-time data is fed directly to the mills distributed control system for process control

Wood Product Blending

Product that is put to the blender is critical to the plant operation. Correct wood moisture content will allow for precise blending addition that in turn will reduce waste and provide significant cost savings. Many plants report savings alone pay for the cost of moisture / resin control within weeks of installation. At the exit of the blender the process can be refined to confirm the correct resin addition thus preventing press explosions from high moisture in the forming process. Blown boards can be eliminated and precise moisture / resin control will ensure excellent board properties. Trend analysis that is incorporated into the software in each sensor will allow the operator to prevent problems before they cause production interruptions

Benefits of Wood Moisture Analysis
  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • High Quality Product Through Instant Accurate Moisture Control
  • Reduction in Fire and Explosion Risk
  • Plant Production Efficiency Monitoring
  • Prevention of Board Press Explosions
  • Dryer Control
  • Blending Monitoring for Control of Moisture & Resin
  • Increased Productivity
  • Low Cost
  • Highest Performance Operation
  • Reduce Downtime
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