Moisture control & basis weight measurement during the production process is critical in maintaining ideal textile quality and consistency. Moisture content varies widely in raw materials, and at different points in the production process, so non-contact moisture measurement is essential for achieving an outstanding final product. Weighing and Inspection can asist you to optimize your textile process.

The great interest recently in the plastic industry has become more demands in thermoplastics to replace certain metals in manufacturing automotive parts, power tools, and lawn and garden tools. This drives a movement to develop materials and products with higher performance, less weight, better cost savings, and better resistance to fatigue.

Moisture controle is important to achieve these requirements.

Nylon or PA6 pellets, nonwoven, wool, linen, leather, has that high performance and easy processing. However, it absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment, creating a constant challenge for engineers. This moisture affects the polymer properties making it harder to process. This can may cause deep changes in the material’s behavior since it reduces strength, stiffness.

Even controlling the moisture in carpets to save energy costs is a not to be under estimated item. With a moisture measurement after the dryer/oven you easiy controle the temperature and gas consumption.


  • Less Textile Waste
  • Higher Quality Final Product
  • Consistency of the Final Product
  • Reduced Energy Costs from Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Productivity
  • Immediate ROI
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